Two Dogs, a story of compassion and animal communication (3 Members)
Two Dogs, a story of compassion and animal communication
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My fledgling video effort, "Two Dogs, a story of compassion and animal communication" is up on YouTube!

“Two Dogs” is the true story of two lost dogs, and this video lovingly portrays the miracles that can happen when you communicate from your heart, and features my reading an excerpt from my new book, "Tails of a Healer: Animal, Reiki and Shamanism," to my dog, Puma. Two of my cats, Kiya and Saqqara, also make cameo appearances.

The making of "Two Dogs," produced and directed by Reiki Master Rhonda Hanley, was inspired by the Seeds of Compassion press conference video that His Holiness the Dalai Lama made prior to his recent visit to Seattle, Wash.

My intention was to see if I could get the video widely distributed, perhaps raising consciousness about compassion and communication from the heart, especially among children, our hope for the future of this world.

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You can help spread the word by passing the link to the video on to others, and by rating the video with stars and leaving your comments, it helps to increase traffic and viewership.

Enjoy, and thanks from all of us!
Rose De Dan, Puma, Kiya, and Saqqara
Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC

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beatiful story
Beautiful, inspiring story. You have such a kind heart.
Touching and very lovely story, especially the way that it ended, YAY !

I Love the tranquil ambience in the room, and the soft mood and tone that you use in telling this true account, Rose... Communication from our heart is key! :)

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